The Universe Beyond Earth’s Bonds

by Allison R.

Streaks of red, yellow,

purple, pink,

and fiery orange

flying across the sky.

The golden sun

disappears beneath the smoke

of vanishing clouds,

giving way to the

black midnight sky.

Ebony skies

filled with silver stars

like fresh snow on

a cold winter’s day.

Twinkling suns

and stars

and asteroids

shooting across the

vast blue empyrean

plain of sky.

An atmosphere

of darkness at night

and blueness at morning,

protecting us from the

cold, dark clutches

of space

and its dangerous beauty.

A vast, open plain of sky

and the celestial bodies

of stars

and suns

and asteroids

and galaxies

behind it,

hoping to be recognized

by stargazers

and ordinary people.


The endless

beauty of space,

constantly expanding

and constantly changing

behind the bonds of the Earth.


turning into white dwarves,

leaving behind pink,


electric blue

streaks of nebulae

to remind us

of the lives they lead.


giving off light,

sometimes appearing


and green

and white,

like a decorated tree

in the sky.

Swirling black holes,

making stars and planets



The vast, open plain

of space

is dangerous

but beautiful

and flawless

and simply

just there.

Space is mysterious

and uncharted,


but that does not stop us.

We keep on exploring

and mapping out

the changing


and its beauty.

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