Sunset Ocean

by Allison R.


blue water

stretching to the

edge of the horizon.

Sunrise and sunset clouds

in the bright blue skies of the water,

the dazzling golden sun high in the sky.

Pink, red, black, yellow, and white beaches

with tiny footprints in the colorful grains of sand

and glittering pink seashells littering the shores.

White crests of water tumble across

the vast body of cobalt water,

spraying salt water onto

rainbow umbrellas and cotton towels.

Waves crash onto the beach,

blown by the salt-filled wind.

Beautiful smudges of coral, lavender, turquoise, and fiery orange

blend together to create a sight so astounding,

sweeping the tinted tendrils of clouds away.

Rosy red and pink reflections of clouds in the water,

golden sun turning orange on the horizon.

Blue water waves rolling across the ocean,

falling into the reflection of the sunset sky

and the sunset ocean,


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