Grace Against Cancer

I am Paige Wagner, a senior here at South Ridge. In the past, I have asked for donations to bring the hospital that had helped my grandma who at the time was battling pancreatic cancer. In January she was given six months to a year to live. She didn’t reach the year mark. She passed away on July 30th, 2017. It was hard on the family and friends who were close. She was strong up to the end.  She was a huge part of the community and always helped out when she could.

Photo credit: R. Wagner Paige and her grandmother Grace in Grace’s kitchen

I made Grace against cancer to help me cope when my grandma was going through the phases cancer brings. I make “cancer kits” to bring to the hospital to help patients who were not prepared to be admitted. If I want to continue, I need help. I can’t afford to do it by myself. I am asking the South Ridge community to donate items or money, so I can continue making cancer kits and helping people who are facing the same problems my family faced.


Things needed:

Decks of cards

Sugar-free hard candy

Unscented chapstick


Activity book or coloring book


Hand sanitizer

Bags to put the stuff in  (I use binder pencil bags)

Moist towelettes


Unscented lotions


Please make sure items are new to provide safety to the patients.


* If you have any questions you can come and talk to me in person or email me at*  


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