The South Ridge Friends of Rachel Club is collecting donations of clothing, food, and money.

When: Dec. 6th~ Dec. 13th


Where: All donations should be put in the boxes that are located in the forum by the office.


Why:  There are an estimated 12,000 homeless people living in Minnesota. Almost 6,000 of them are children. Not all people are fortunate enough to have a roof over their head,  have clothes on their back, or a full stomach of food as they sleep at night in a warm bed. The things you take for granted everyday are the things that someone else needs. Your donations could help give someone the Christmas that they deserve.


What donations are accepted:

  • Clothing: good condition, coats, winter boots, jeans, and t-shirts. All sizes are accepted.
  • Food: non-perishable foods such as boxed and canned goods.
  • Money: anything you are able to give is greatly appreciated.


All proceeds will be donated to the Damiano Center in Duluth.


The Damiano Center could not provide the services that they do without your support. They rely on the generosity of donors like you to provide nutritious meals, clothing for work or day-to-day, and a safe and welcoming space for adults and children.



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