Reading Doors- Moore

(written by Rylie Colborn)

Mrs. Moore’s door representing the novel Dune by Frank Herbert

When you walk through the high school hallway, you may see the decorated doors. I interviewed Ms. Moore to get more information about why her door was decorated. She told me that as teachers, they decided to promote more reading in the school. They chose some of their favorite books to display that, while also decorating for Christmas. Ms. Moore chose the novel Dune by Frank Herbert. This has been one of her favorite books since college, and she’s noticed not a lot of people reading it at school. When I asked her why this was her choice, she said: “It’s such a complex novel, that it is fun and inventive.” Being a big fan of social sci-fi, this is a good book for her. She hopes that since decorating the door, someone will pick up the book and give it a try.


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