Mr. Mad Hatter

-Sailor’s Delight


Dear Mr. Mad Hatter

How is it

Down in Wonderland?

Where the flowers all sing


White rabbits wear coats

And little girls are


To lose their heads?

Enough tea

Down there?

Always a Tea Party

Never a

Drink of water.

And where’s that cat of yours?

Following helpless tweedles?

Raiding the Heart Queen’s Cupboards?

Alice says hello

Incredibly, from the looking glass.

Down the rabbit hole, she goes


Might want to meet her

She could get lost again

And we wouldn’t want that

Would we?

The roses have started to

Fade from the paint

They could use a fresh coat


I wonder if the Queen has any more

Room on her cases.

Her head would look spectacular

Next to the King!

Oh, but she wouldn’t be able

To have tea anymore,

No would she?

Well, if Her Majesty took her head,

I’m sure you could have her body!

It would be

A marvelous centerpiece,

Like that tablecloth

Made of Hare.

The Queen sure likes

Her new earmuffs!


Hold onto your hat!

It’s a long way down

That stupid rabbit hole!

Your coat may fly,

Your smile may falter,

But the Cheshire

May disagree!


The Butterflies say hello

And so do the Dandelions,

In their own special way,

They enjoyed the sound

Of that little girl’s fear


And let’s not forget

The trial that took place

Hatter, you were there!

You helped seal her fate!

Hope the Jabberwocky

Isn’t giving you trouble

Oh wait,

That’s all it ever does!


So rest well, Hatter!

You have lots of hats to make,

Teas to drink,

And roses to paint!

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