Guthrie Trip

by Dean

Guthrie Theater Trip: Scrooge

“I liked how they portrayed the story,” says a sophomore from SR high school.  On November 21st the high school students from South Ridge High went to the Guthrie Theater to see the funny yet serious play; Scrooge.  “Definitely not what I was expecting,” said Sydnie, a freshman. The 2-hour bus ride was full of laughs and fun,  and the bus ride home was no different.  “The whole play was my favorite part, but if I have to choose, the creepy part of the flying shadows was super cool!!” says Caleb Hill.  If you have never seen the play “Scrooge” it is a wholesome play where a mean old man has to change the fate of Christmas for his well being and others.  “I could sense that they put their heart and soul into the singing and acting” a sophomore commented.  Scrooge is visited by a graceful Christmas past, a funny Christmas present, and a scary Christmas future.  The play was very fun for all students and hopefully next year we’ll go again.

The Wurtele Thrust Stage’s red glow
Ms. Olson asking a question after the show
Caleb Hill asking a question after the show


The Guthrie escalator
The group posing near the Wurtele Thrust Stage
Reflected in the lobby of the Guthrie Theater

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