-Gretchen B-L

“The weak put up masks to appear strong, while the strong are the weak hidden behind masks that have been there for a longer time. That’s all we are, weak people hiding behind masks that we’ve created.”  -Anonymous


Have you ever been in a play? A show where you had to be a completely different person? Where you wear costumes and sometimes put on masks so you look different? Well, there are some of us that put on our masks and never take them off. We laugh at jokes that we know shouldn’t be said. We scowl at people we used to be friends with. And we act as though we are who our masks portray us as.

When I was little, I wanted to be one of those pretty people who sang and acted on the movie screen. I wanted to be known. To be loved by all who saw me. I now know it was nothing but a childish notion. No one is “loved by all” nor are we all known. We are nothing but pawns in Terra’s cruel game that we call life. And yes, some pieces are knocked down or forgotten about, but that is life, is it not? Some, like the King and Queen, are moved ahead because they have more power, they are protected. While the pawns are trying to get forward with a constant target on their chests. They struggle to get by the other side’s barriers and they are struck down or forgotten, just like those people that learn that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

There are diseases, disorders, death, and war, there’s suicide and accidents and people that are so twisted that they believe that everyone has to die because they aren’t like them. Well, NEWS FLASH! The people that are different are the people who deserve to live the most! Everyone is different! Whether it be personality, looks, ideas, religion, sexuality, ethnicity! Every human being has the potential to make a difference and every being is beautiful. So don’t say that you aren’t beautiful because the mask you created was broken through. Just because the walls you put up are crumbling doesn’t mean you have to re-enforce them with mortar or cement. You let the mask be pulled away and you say to yourself, “I am beautiful” because you ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Masks are simple facades that we put up to hide our own weaknesses, our own trials, and errors, so don’t be so surprised when someone in your class gets a question wrong or make the assumption that they are an encyclopedia or answer book that you can pluck off the shelves! Everyone thinks that they can perfectly read a mask like a piece of paper yet they don’t see the eyes behind it. The reason they are here is to LEARN and WORK HARD, not to sit around and be judged on a simple mistake.

The next time you see someone, ask them, “What’s behind your mask?” and think about your own answer. Don’t lie because you are ashamed of something that happened in the past. And whatever you do, don’t forget the person behind the mask. Because if you do, one day…


…the mask will be the thing that defines you.

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