-Sailor’s Delight

“We’ve gone on different paths, traveled different roads, but I know we’ll always end up on the same one when we’re old.”-’Brother’ by Kodaline

There was once an old man who was frail and worn, yet strong and brave. He had lived his life with his head held high and his heart on his sleeve. He was a knight. He had struck down the demons of rage and the sirens of sorrow with his intelligence and might alone. He had struggled through the pain of life and had fallen a many a time. He was sad, he was happy, he had been broken, and he had been brought up to shine. But, as he was sitting in that wheelchair by the window, the world bustling outside, he was slowly losing his might. His hands shook when he tried to move them, and he needed help to eat and drink. He asked the nurse to bring him to the forest, the one place he felt peace. He rolled down the path and reached the lake where wildlife was glimmering in the moonlight. He closes his eyes and breathes a last breath before his hands get warm, contrasting with his cold body.

There was once a young girl. She was small and innocent, her eyes not having seen the fearsome world yet. She held the hope inside her like an overflowing stream that washed over whomever she encountered. All she believed and dreamed was a reality, but then, it wasn’t. There were loud shouts and screaming and that constant disgusting smell. Her eyes always burned and her breathing was always ragged. The walls of her sanctuary were soon damp and yellow and peeling. She held a brave face so not to let the evil dragon win. She felt something hard hit her head and shatter. She wailed and screamed as hands struck her, her consciousness slowly fading. The next thing she knew, she was being shoved into a mass of water, the last thing she sees is the moon rippling.

There was once a teenage boy. He was stubborn and cold. He put up a facade every day of his life to survive. However, slowly, his facade was diminishing. He started showing his true colors. The people whom he so hated were getting through, finding every flaw and crinkle and bringing it to light. The crest that he had hidden beneath his shield had been revealed to the dark souls. The boy ran away. When in doubt or pain, he ran. He was fast and was soon outside his town on the edge of a thick forest which seemed to be whispering in the moonlight filled the night. He walked into the forest, coming across a large lake filled with wildlife. He took a breath before reaching into his pocket, retrieving a small container. He took the cylinder-shaped container and swallowed its contents until nothing was left. Not five minutes later, he coughed, tears welling up in his eyes, and fell to his knees. The last thought in his mind, ‘What did I do?’


The next day was bright and sunny. The people were laughing and enjoying life. Unaware that three brave souls, knights, if you will, had fallen, never to rise again.


And so ends the tale of the Brave Knights of Yesterday.

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